Mirador’s Jeffrey Hannon Featured in Brick Underground on Fireplaces in NYC

The idea of cozying up next to a crackling fire conjures up the feeling of warm, happy memories; but in the city that never sleeps a fireplace quickly loses its romantic appeal when tenants are faced with maintenance costs and the actual task of finding a fireplace, something that is becoming harder to find after a 2014 measure was passed banning all new construction of woodburning fireplaces.

In order to find out more on woodburning fireplaces, and where to look for them, The Brick Underground spoke to Mirador Real Estate agent Jeffrey Hannon. In the article he discusses the best places to find woodburning fireplaces, the appeal for tenants to have a fireplace in the City, and how landlords and coops approach existing fireplaces. To read more about what Jeffrey has to say, check out the full article here.


Mirador Development Marketing Announces Partnership with Highgrove

The newest division of Mirador Real Estate, Mirador Development Marketing, is excited to announce its partnership with luxury rental development, Highgrove. A project located in Stamford, Connecticut. Mirador’s marketing plan will give the property more exposure through digital marketing, social media targeting, and other advertising platforms.

Karla Saladino, Mirador Managing Partner, says, “We are asked to apply our unique marketing initiatives (we have over 150 of them) to projects all over the world, but Highgrove was the first that compelled us to pre-launch our marketing division ahead of the originally planned Q2, 2017 schedule to service it.” To learn more about the partnership and Highgrove, check out the full article here.


Mirador’s Daniel Itingen Discusses Guarantors in Brick Underground

In a city where the price to rent is known for being high, many renters use guarantors to qualify for their apartments. Renters are usually required to make at least 40 times their monthly rent in income, and if that can’t be done, landlords require a guarantor who makes 80 times the monthly rent to be legally bound to pay.

Brick Underground spoke to Mirador Real Estate’s Daniel Itingen about who renters typically ask to be their guarantors. “Parents are the first people that landlords look for when it comes to guarantors,” Daniel says. “Then it goes down the list to grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings, etc” To read more about guarantors in New York, read the full article here.

Mirador’s Dr. Lynn Saladino Discusses Serial Mover in the Observer

New York City is a place of movers. People move to it, they move away from it, but what about the people that move all around it? The serial mover, or people that move over and over again all within the span of a few years, is a common characteristic among many New Yorkers. With rising rents, new relationships, broken relationships, expanding families, and more it is no wonder tons of people feel the need to find new homes in and around the City.

The Observer dives deeper into motives behind the serial mover, talking with Mirador Real Estate’s Health and Wellness consultant, Dr. Lynn Saladino. “New apartments often represent a fresh start,” says, Dr. Saladino. “If there is something uncomfortable happening in someone’s life, they likely think a geographic move will help them forget about what was bothering them.” To learn more about serial movers, read the full article here.

Mirador Hires New Leasing Director, Daniel Itingen

Mirador is excited to announce the newest addition to the leadership team, Daniel Itingen. Daniel began earlier this month as Mirador’s new Leasing Director, and with more than 11 years of real estate experience, is eager to work at the rapidly growing Mirador. To learn more about Daniel, read the full release here.



Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar featured in The Real Deal: Shifting Power in NYC Real Estate Market

With apartment and condos on the rise, and buyers and renters in New York City in decline, more and more developers and landlords are offering incentives to prospective clients. This is flipping the real estate market in rare favor of the buyers/renters.

Certain factors are playing key points in the market shift including surging supply, an absorption slowdown, incentives influx, price reduction, and the pursual of brokers. The Real Deal spoke to Mirador Real Estate Agent Neeta Mulgaokar about buyer/renter incentives saying, “the incentives are making and breaking deals when people are comparing apples to apples.” For more information on the factors influencing the changing real estate market in New York City, read the full article here.